Monday, June 3, 2013

Modern Adventures (Beta) - I Want This JUST For the Cover!

I simply love this cover! It's an awesome homage to B/X D&D, even if the insides are for the Pathfinder game.

Heck, for 99 cents I may get Modern Adventures just for the cover ;)

From the Blurb:

Modern Adventures is an supplement to the Pathfinder Roleplaying game published by Paizo, designed to expand Pathfinder for modern settings. Not just a rehash of d20 Modern,* Modern Adventures is a new take on fantasy gaming in a 21st century setting. Inside, you'll find:

Updates to the existing Pathfinder core and NPC classes, bringing them into the 21st century.
6 brand new classes with 20 new archetypes.


Masters of the social arts, charmers are masters of flattery and persuasion, using their innate appeal to deceive, manipulate, and bend others to their will.

Archetypes: Animal Whisperer, Gambler, Romancer, Undercover Spy


Consummate performers, entertainers are happiest in front of an audience. They create and control the raw emotions of everyone around them. As they advance in levels they also gain status and influince.

Archetypes: Stand-up Comic, Pro Athlete, Stuntman


Techies. Gearheads. Geeks. Rocket Scientists. Whatever you call them, gadgeteers are technological virtuosos, able to create short-lived gizmos - technology so advanced it makes "cutting-edge" look like a blunt rock.

Archetypes: Hacker, Racer, Saboteur


Investigators are tireless seekers of truth and insatiable puzzle-solvers, never content unless they're working a case. Using flashes of intuition as well as the scientific re-creation of crime scenes, no clue is beyond their reach.

Archetypes: Bounty Hunters, Gentleman Detective, Muckraker, Superfan


Part bookworm, part mad scientist, the scholar's primary advantage is their raw intellect which they can shape into various talents and tricks. They can also create concoctions that can have either beneficial or detrimental effects.

Archetypes: Engineer, Psychologist


Every culture produces individuals who ultimately live apart from it, strangers within their own lands. Whether driven away from society or choosing to live apart from their fellow man, strangers face scorn and derision wherever they go. Still, living outside the system lets them accomplish things that most 9-5ers can only dream about.

Archetypes: Drunken Bum, Parolee, Street Preacher, Traditional Tribal Warrior

New Skills
New Feats
Modern weapons, equipment, and vehicles.
2 campaign universes and sample adventures:

Fifth Realm

The nine worlds of Norse mythology are real... and on a collision course with Midgard, the fifth realm. Participate in the return of magic to the modern world. Explore 8 new dimensional planes and, most importantly, defend earth from magically adept alien invaders.

Silicon Gothic

A hard sci-fi universe completely devoid of magic, the near-future world of Silicon Gothic follows the dystopian footsteps of Bladerunner, Brazil, Escape From New York, Max Headroom, Metropolis, and Robocop. Corrupt and greedy corporations oppress their workers and bully the powerless government. You must learn to work the system or be crushed by it.

* OK, a good deal of the equipment list is carried over from d20 Modern. You've got me. Did you really expect us to re-research everyday items that everybody already knows?


  1. My interest is piqued, but I wonder about that "beta" tag on the end of the title - do you know how it looks inside, whether it gives of any obvious "work-in-progress" vibes?

    You're not wrong, though, in that the cover is pretty boss.

  2. looks interesting. I've put it on my wish list to purchase with this weeks 'gaming allowance' that I give myself :D

    Thanks for pointing this out Mr. Tenkar


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