Sunday, June 2, 2013

"Odyssey - The Complete Game Master's Guide to Campaign Management" Opens for Preorders June 3

+Gnome Stew 's / Engine Publishing's campaign management book Odyssey opens for preorders tomorrow. I've been privileged to have an advanced reviewer's copy of the PDF in my hands for a short while. I'll be doing my proper review of this later on this week, but it's timing couldn't be better, as I'm getting ready to launch my new SciFi campaign shortly.

I'm a notorious minimal preparer / highly improvisational type of GM (probably comes from years of procrastination in High School and College and at nearly 46 I'm too damn old to change) and I was moderately surprised to see that much of Odyssey is aimed at GMs similar to me.

I'll get to see Odyssey in action over this summer's campaign, which means I'll probably need to follow up this week's forthcoming review with actual "Play Updates".

You can also grab a 19 page preview over at Gnome Stew.

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