Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'll Be Running a Contest For a Free PDF Copy of Razor Coast for Swords & Wizardry on Thursday - Any Ideas on What the Contest Should Be?

First things first - there is a current contest going on here at The Tavern where you can win a print AND PDF copy of the Teratic Tome, a most awesome OSR manual of monsters. This contest will be taking entries until 8am Thursday morning NYC time - 5/16/13.

Thursday evening I'll be running a contest to give away a free PDF copy of the Razor Coast for S&W curtesy of Frog God Games. All hail the Frawgs!

I'm looking for a good idea for the contest theme. I've run lots of these, and sometimes I could use help with the ideas. Can't offer a prize for helping, just my undying gratitude ;)

So, drop your thoughts and ideas as a comment to this post and I thank you in advance


  1. pirate based adventurer hook or map?

  2. Design, map, or give an overview of a ship for PCs or NPCs.

  3. Pirate/ship adventure, with or without map... even better, I have a map you can use as part of the contest if you wish.

  4. I think the contest should be, how fast you can send me the PDF...I'll time you.

  5. I like "Write a pirate sea diddy..."

    But how about sing and record it and send it in, too? Then you could post the winning recording!


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