Sunday, May 12, 2013

Contest Week Kicks Off At the Tavern Monday Morning - Teratic Tome, Roll XX and Razor Coast!

Monday morning (tomorrow), probably around 7 am NYC time or so, I'll be putting up the post for +Rafael Chandler 's "Best Character Death" Contest to celebrate his latest release, SlaughterGrid.

Look at the pretty picture please!

Here's the instructions directly from +Rafael Chandler :

What you'll do on Monday morning is, you'll mosey over (to this here blog), and you'll post your nastiest character death (on the contest post, which will go up Monday Morning) -- tell us how he/she died! I'm looking for brutality, grotesquerie, humor, or preferably some combination of the three. 
Three winners will get free books -- just pick a book from the list below and I'll mail you a copy. (I'll also email you the PDF.)
* Teratic Tome
* Roll XX
* Roll XX: Double Damage
* Spite
* ViewScream 
Three other winners will be chosen at random! Same deal, you'll get a free print book (and PDF). 
Not only that, but everyone else who participates will get a free PDF copy of Roll XX or Roll XX: Double Damage (your choice). Just for posting about the unpleasant death of one of your RPG characters, you get a free PDF! 
Finally, I'll be knocking $2.16 off the price of Teratic Tome (which is currently $6.66 for the PDF). That'll bring it down to $4.50. And for every person who participates in this contest, I'll knock another two cents off the cover price. So if 100 people post at Tenkar's Tavern, that'll bring the price of Teratic Tome down to $2.50, which is a steal. 
I'll also discount the print version by the same amount. 
Who's in?
Easy enough, right? So, post on tomorrow morning's post to qualify to win. I'm not sure how long Rafael want's to leave the contest open, but I suspect 24 hrs will be the minimum. It might also be the maximum I know now, 72 hrs, so don't wait forever to post!

Later on in the week I'll be giving away a copy of the Swords & Wizardry version of the Razor Coast PDF curtesy of the fine folks over at Frog God Games. That will go up sometime after the first contest closes. No details yet, but I am personally dying to run this (still need to finish reading this sucker) and I expect there are others that would love a copy.

Damn full week of contests and free stuff this week at the Tavern. Exciting times!

(This is NOT the post to post your character deaths!)

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