Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last 12 Hours to Tell Us About Your "Best" Character Death and Win Some Print & PDF Prizes (Teratic Tome and Such)

+Rafael Chandler 's "Tell us about your "best" character death and you can win some phat loot!" ends tomorrow morning at 8AM NYC Time.

There are SIX PDF & Print prizes up for grabs, such as Roll XX, the Teratic Tome and others.

We have over 90 entries thus far - I'd like to see us break 100.

So, help us celebrate the release of SlaughterGrid and tell us how your character bought it ;)

(go to the link above to enter - comments on this post won't count)


  1. So, Princess Pooh'B (who bit a judge one time who wrote she had evil black eyes) has rolled a failure.

    Her friend, Cub'B, has gone away. A red-furred knight who announced us all, has passed. So silent when the great door is opened. So silent when the post-folk drop off a copy of Monstrosities on the stoop.

    Cub'B's die is broken. The number 20 has gone away. The healer has put her hands in her pockets, and looked away.

    Cub'B, please haunt me.

  2. Our hybrid D&D/AD&D party (my human ranger Axel, a thief/mage/warrior elf called Darro, Barry the human Paladin and our cobra-headed pet mule centaur Skip) had just escaped from the Zanzer's Dungeon (beating both the Wizard and the White Dragon) and camped outside the exit of it to gain new energies.

    The day after, the group decided to walk across the forest to reach the closest town to make some shopping.

    Along the way, my ranger failed a ST vs. Death and got pulped by a deaf/blind stealthy T-Rex: the T-Rex came out trees from the left side of the forest path, ran over my ranger and disappeared in the opposite side, inside the forest.

    T-Rex used as a swinging blade trap was mindblowing, really.


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