Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Burning Mace of Areth Dor (Swords & Wizardry Magic Weapon)

Burning Mace of Areth Dor

The Burning Mace of Areth Dor is a + 2 Mace with the following special properties:

- When wielded by a lawful or neutral cleric, all Turn Undead attempts are made as if the cleric is 1 level higher than his actual cleric level.

- When wielded by a lawful non-cleric, the wielder may make one Turn Undead attempt at half of his character level per day.

- When used against undead as a weapon, the base weapon damage is doubled to 2d6

- If touched by a chaotic cleric, it inflicts 4d6 fire damage to the cleric (save for 1/2 damage). A chaotic cleric will find the mace impossible to hold, and attempts to do so will inflict the above damage each round the attempt is made.

- Chaotic characters will be unable to hold onto the mace, as it will be severely uncomfortable for them, but no damage will be inflicted. Save each round one tries to keep possession of it. Failure requires leaving the mace where it is.

The history of Areth Dor has been lost to time, but presumably he or she was a high level lawful cleric who wielded the mace in the service of his lawful deity.

The last wielder of the mace was a lawful Paladin named Stryker, who used the mace to strike fear into the undead that retained intellect. He was a mighty undead destroyer, until he crossed paths with the chaotic Necromancer Z known simply as The Many. The Many sent hordes of undead to kill the wielder of the Mace, and after a long battle and the loss of many undead troops, Stryker succumbed to to his wounds.

Unable to touch the mace or move it from the field of battle, The One had his minions bury it under stone and rubble. There it waits to serve again.


  1. Wouldn't those spikes count as puncturing weapons if they accidentally did so?

    1. Eh, I'd say they are there more to parry or disarm than impale, as they are curved and no straight.

      Besides, it's a pretty sweet looking weapon ;)


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