Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hammer of the Calishun Clan - A Swords & Wizardry Magic Item

+ 2 Hammer of the Calishun Clan - this hammer is engraved with dwarven runes on it's striking surfaces. When used in combat it acts as a normal warhammer. It's special ability is revealed when it is thrown by a dwarf. It has a range of 20' when thrown.

When thrown by a dwarf at a target medium sized or smaller target, composed of metal or wearing metal armor, the hammer will attempt to bring that taget back to it's wielder. The target must make a save or find itself directly in front of the wielder of the hammer. If the target makes it's save, the wielder of the hammer must now save or find himself directly in front of his intended target - the wielder got pulled o his target.

Hit or miss, target pulled to wielder or wielder pulled to target, the hammer always returns to it's dwarven wielder's hand prior to the next attack.

When thrown by a non-dwarf, it acts as a + 2 Hammer with no other special abilities and does not automatically return to it's wielder's hand.

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