Sunday, May 5, 2013

"A Copper for a Wish Sire!" or "What My Party Finally Wished For"

Some of you may remember my post from last week, where I mentioned that my party found a genie in a bottle and were granted a single wish in  return for releasing him. The group asked to end the session at that point, because they wanted to phrase their wish properly because they were afraid I (as the DM) might "fuck with them.

Perish the thought ;)

In any case, there was a strong push to send the Dung Monster after the Rat King - which would have been strong for the storyline, but weak for the player characters' actual benefit.

I really started to feel like I should read all of those online "user agreements" that go on for 78 pages of lawyer speak instead of just clicking "I Accept"...

They made their decision. They wanted every member of the party to see twice as well as a Dark Elf in the dark while keeping their "normal" vision. Or was it, they wanted to have the vision of a Dark Elf at the same distance as their normal vision while maintaining their normal vision. Something like that.

They got their dark vison. The genie took his bottle and flew away. I do have an idea for a nice twist down the line that would really push the campaign and the players to some new heights, but it may never come up - and may never need to depending on the course of the players' actions.

And they didn't get screwed. Dozens of blog readers can no sigh in relief ;)


  1. As the proponent of the Dung Beast-Rat King love fest, I still think that would have been a cooler way to go. I admit it would not have been an immediate power bump to us, but

    1. if the dung beast could kill the rat king for good, excellent.

    2. if the dung beast merely queered a deal for the rat king and made him more angry -- even if the genie had said, "by the way, this is courtesy of those guys you already have a bounty on", I'd be satisfied.

    3. the idea of dumping a few hundred pounds of animated dung on the rat king amused me.

  2. That's a fair wish. A nice perk for the players, but not too overpowering. Good for them for not getting greedy and good for you that you are already twisting the plot down the line. Fun stuff.


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