Monday, May 6, 2013

Rathman's Robe of Serving - A Swords & Wizardry Magic Item

Rathman's Robe of Serving

Rathman's Robe of Serving is similar in many ways to a Robe of Useful Items, but it is geared more towards delivering a fine pub experience on the go. The robe is often found with a bartender's apron of non-magical quality.

The following pockets have a limited number of uses - when the item in question is pulled from the robe, one of the uses is gone. All items are permanent unless consumed or destroyed (or spoiled by time):

Table and Six Stools, Wooden - 2 uses
Bench, Wooden (seats four) - 2 uses
Serving Tray, Pewter - 2 uses
Wine Glasses, Six - 2 uses
Lute, low quality - single use

The following have a limited number of uses per day:
Wine Cask, 1 Gallon - once per day
Beer Barrel, 2 Gallons - once per day (must choose dark or pilsner)
Mugs, Wooden (holds 3 cups of liquid) - six times per day
Candle, Wax - twice per day (is lit when removed from the robe's pocket)
Pan Fried Bread Chips ("Crisps")- twice per day (each serving equals one ration)

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