Monday, April 1, 2013

Founder's "Bolt Cutter" Barley Wine - 15% Alcohol to Disrupt Any Game ;)

First, I show a pic of the Games of Thrones Blonde Ale (it went down very nicely and kept a robust head until the last drops in the glass were drunk) last night.

Tonight, it's Founder's "Bolt Cutter" Barley Wine Ale. My brother in law (who is a sales manager for a beer distributer in these parts) brought me over a bottle along with a mixed 6 pack of Founders for Easter. Needles to say I didn't waste any of it on the guests ;)

I need to chill the Barley Wine Ale. I expect it will pack a punch, as it clocks in at 15% Alc / Vol (the Game of Throne Blonde Ale clocked in at a mere 6.5%).

What does this have to do with RPGs? Finding a good beer is much like finding a good set of rules - it's all a matter of taste :)


  1. Founders make some awesome beers, give their Breakfast Stout a try. It's one of mu favorites.

    1. my wife just told me the Breakfast Stout is in the mixed 6 pack we were given ;)


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