Friday, April 5, 2013

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG Core Rulebook Delayed

According to Fantasy Flight Games, the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG Core Rulebook has slipped from a 2nd Quarter 2013 release to a 1st week of July 2013 release.

If it were a Kickstarter, that would be treated as on time shipping ;)

I'll be the first to admit that I haven't played a Star Wars RPG since WEG's 1st edition, although I own WEG's 2nd edition, and the core books of the WotC's editions.

I'm willing to check FFG's version so long as it isn't a reskin of their Warhammer RPG 3e.

Damn, now I need to check this out further. I really do like the Star Wars universe, so long as you stay away from the main characters and locations from the movie - setting without the worries of canon, if you will.


  1. I grabbed the introductory boxed set and really liked it, despite the funky dice. I have never played any of the 40K games however so no idea if its a reskin on those rules, but I like the gritty focus on the non-Jedi side of the Star Wars galaxy along with the very detailed and engaging art aesthetic.

  2. Book cover is nice. Please let us know about he mechanics and what you think of the game if/when you get it. 1st edition WEG would be very hard to beat, no one has approached it yet as far as ease of learning, capturing the cinematic feel, and sheer production value. Even WEG couldn't keep it up, they turned it into a "typical" RPG with the 2nd edition's needless subskills, wild dice, and so on. Ugh!

  3. It's a very LIGHT and very revamped version of the WFRP3e rules. The cards, markers, and tidbits that made 3e so unwieldy are largely gone, but they've left some of the best mechanics that allow for players to narrate their own events. Of course, to use the system fully, you do have to HAVE players that want to interpret their own dice rolls. Overall, though, it's a palatable system for GMs and players of both traditional d20 systems and more unusual systems, IMHO.

  4. While I have always enjoyed the Star Wars universe, my early encounter with ubergeeks turned me off from exploring it further. I have enought chapter & verse going on i my life that I don't need it in a hobby. It looks promising, especially if it is Jedi-lite.

  5. I am a FFG fanboy I have a few hundred dollars of Arkham Horror and Talisman as proof that I want FFG to have my money. I own SW WEG, D20, & Saga so this was like a match made in heaven for me.

    I found the FFG Star Wars system to be okay...

    It's a clunky, complicated way to play FATE or an Apocalypse Engine game.

    Better just to stick with FATE or an AW hack.

    I ended up trading my Beta to Noble Knight.

  6. I found the flow of the game to be very efficient. There are some drawbacks as compared to D6 as well as some improvements. Overall though the system keeps the game fun and seems to be free of bottle necks. I honestly like the dice system because it keeps from having to do too much adding then subtracting then seeing on the chart what kind of damage was done. But in the end I have decided to convert my D6 characters in their campaign over to the new system and continue from there.


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