Monday, April 1, 2013

Will 4e Become the Second Generation of the OSR?

Think about it. The OSR is all about breathing new life to "dead" versions of D&D. The only version of D&D guaranteed life is 3e via the OGL, which is the very thing used to power the OSR.

4e is pretty much dead. All that is left is putting the last few nails in the coffin. It's not an OGL system, so it would have to be carefully retro-cloned, but I'm sure it could happen.

Dailies & Encounters, The RPG - brought to you by the latest OSR generation - the 4e refugees seeking to escape D&D Next and WotC's attempt to creatively roll back the clock.

So, when do we Kickstart the project? ;)

Damn, ya gotta love April 1st. Any other day and you fuckers would kill me for writing the above ;P


  1. I was going to politely say "Fuck You" until I say the postscript :P

  2. You mock, but...






    Ugh...I found alot more...


  3. Heh poor 4E's fan support will ultimately look exactly like the OSR for a little while until its diehards run off to 13th Age and Numenera...or whatever else grabs them. I don't think it's got the staying power of older editions in terms of long term loyalty. Unless DDN bombs big time, in which case all bets are off!

  4. I have heard the Sirens call of what I am referring to as the Neo Retro Clone myself. my loyal 4e followers have promised to keep playing as long as I keep cranking the living forgotten realms MYREs to feed their hunger. Some of them are sufficiently die hard that they crank their own numbers by hand, so will not be doomed by the withdrawal of the Online Character Builder which will spell the end of most 4e games (Of course we just play the game with the materials published in the books). Somewhere in my back files I have the excel based character sheet that was in vogue prior to the WoTC computer silliness, as well as a patch system for the old downloadable character sheet. I am already using the old downloadable monster stat system, since the on-line only version does not export to Microsoft word for spit. Heck, there's no reason 4e need die at all. After all its not a bad game, ITS JUST NOT D&D!

    1. That has always been my opinion of 4E. I believe that if it would have been a competing product from a different publisher then things might be different. I think the D&D branding hurt it because it was so different from what went before it.

      Charlie @ The Semi-Retired Gamer


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