Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Can You Describe Your Blog in 5 Words or Less?

We currently have 74 blogs signed up for the Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Blogathon, which is to take place on April 17th. Which means I have 74 blogs listed and hyperlinked, but no descriptions for them.

Descriptions are helpful, but not if they run on and clutter the page for the other 73 listed blogs (or however many we end up with). As a blogger, I know how hard it is to avoid being verbose ;)

That being said, I'm looking for blog descriptions for this listed blogs that are "5 words or less". Ain't that a biatch? It keeps it from getting too cluttered.

Submit any 5 word or less blog description that you might want added as a comment to this post and I'll update it to the list. If you haven't signed up yet, here's your chance. (hint - I need to know your blog's name and list number if you can)

Tenkar's Tavern is going with: "OSR To the Core!" ;)

List of Participating Blogs:

1 - Chronicles of Ganth! - Homebrewed heartbreaker

4 - Mad-Kyndalanth - 'to share good stories afterwards' 

9 - Sycarion Diversions - "One day, Spelljammer will return!"

10 - Dorkland!

13 - Daily OSR fix - Random tables makes me smile 

15 - Realms of Chirak - "Eclectic Gaming Madness from Camazotz"

16 - Quickly, Quietly, Carefully - OD&D exegis, retro stupid fun

19 - RPG Delisi

25 - The Ongoing Campaign - Obscure Games and Famous Ones

28 - Once More Unto the Breach - Rediscovering the joy of roleplaying!

30 - Fear No Darkness - reasons...not rules

31 - Mythmere's Blog (Mr S&W Himself ;)

37 - The Space Cockroach's Hideout - Space, Modern and fantastic Adventures

40 - Tenkar's Tavern - "OSR To the Core!"

43 - Porky's Expanse - a nebulous region of hobby space

46 - Ilea jacta Est -  A 20-Sided Look at Life

47 - Blood & Battle - Swords & Wizardry resources, reviews, recaps 

51 - Battle Axes and Beasties - Sporadic Babbling about Various Stuff

56 - Le Verre Violet - Hexcrawls, Blackmoor, Carcosa and OD&Dities

57 - The Sorcerer Speaks! - Purple Sorcerer News, and stuff

61 - Keith Davies -- In My Campaign - Too heavy for Tenkar's reading ;)

62 - Necropraxis - OD&D, rules hacking, necromantic musings

63 - Rended Press - Free typos deal double damage!

65 - hDan's YAGB - Traveller, D&D and related interests 

66 - Like Being Read to From Dictionaries - It's Like Reading A Dictionary

67 - Vargold - The Wolf-Time

71 - Epic RPG Blog - San Diego's RPG Scene 

72 - Kingdoms in Trevail - Infrequent & random old-school gaming thoughts :)

73 - Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog - Microgames, Monster Games, and RPG's 

74 - Swords & Dorkery - the name is the description

75 - Dice of Doom - Old School Cool

76 - Infinite Dragons - Adventure Unlimited

77 - Dyson's Dodecahedron - Award Winning Dungeon Design

78 - The Ultimate Josha - RPG reviews, stories, and thoughts

79 - Places to Go, People to Be - RPGs are easily accessible self-expression

80 - Tales From the Tower - Recaps, Campaign Info, Game Art

81 - Tenfootpole - Hypocrite reviews OSR adventures

82 - Ynas Midgard's OSR Blog - irregular musings and content for D&D

83 - Castelli & Chimere (Castles & Chimeras) - My musings on D&D (OSR)


  1. "Barbaric Yawps on Fantasy Gaming and Fiction"

  2. For Sycarion Diversions - One day, Spelljammer will return!

  3. #69 Wampus Country: Whimsical tall-tale frontier fantasy

  4. Ah heck - I can't think of any way currently to blogily appreciate Swords & Wizardry - but I'm sure I'll think of something by the 17th. :)

    Hat. Name. Thrown.

    Rather Gamey - Fresh OSR Roadkill Served Sporadically

    - Ark

  5. Rended Press: Free typos deal double damage!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. kjd-imc, #61:

    "Too heavy for Tenkar's reading"

    or, closer to the actual description:

    "Keith's thoughts on roleplaying games"

  8. #15 Realms of Chirak: "Eclectic Gaming Madness from Camazotz"

  9. Dice Of Doom, old school cool.

  10. Chronicles of Ganth: Homebrewed heartbreaker


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I'm not on the list yet (despite my email, nudge nudge wink wink). So number 99 Dyson's Dodecahedron - "Award Winning Dungeon Design"

  13. #25 The Ongoing Campaign - Obscure Games and Famous Ones

  14. RPG reviews, stories, and thoughts.

  15. #30 - FEAR NO DARKNESS: "reasons...not rules".

  16. Recaps, Campaign Info, Game Art.

    Enough said. Visit Tales from the Tower today:

  17. 4. Mad-Kyndalanth - 'to share good stories afterwards'

  18. Funky idea and useful for navigating a large list like this. I'm #43. If 'a' doesn't count as a word:

    a nebulous region of hobby space

    If it does:

    vast tracts of nothingness

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. #47 Blood & Battle:

    S&W resources, reviews, recaps, & fishing

  21. For the Space Cockroach's Hideout: Space, Modern and fantastic Adventures

  22. Sporadic Babbling about Various Stuff

  23. Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog: Microgames, Monster Games, and RPG's

  24. Once More Unto the Breach - Rediscovering the joy of roleplaying!

  25. Swords & Dorkery ... the name is the description.

  26. Tenfootpole - Hypocrite reviews OSR adventures

  27. 16 - Quickly, Quietly, Carefully - OD&D exegis, retro stupid fun.

  28. #66 Like Being Read to From Dictionaries "It's Like Reading A Dictionary"

  29. #72: Infrequent & random old-school gaming thoughts :)

    Hyphens FTW!

  30. Necropraxis: OD&D, rules hacking, necromantic musings.

  31. The Sorcerer Speaks: Purple Sorcerer News, and stuff.

  32. #56 - Le Verre Violet :
    Hexcrawls, Blackmoor, Carcosa and OD&Dities.
    (beware : pun intended !)

  33. New entry, not sure what I'll do yet.

    Infinite Dragons
    Adventure Unlimited

  34. Epic RPG blog - San Diego's RPG Scene

  35. i'll update as best i can later this afternoon, this evening...

  36. hDan's YAGB: Traveller, D&D and related interests

  37. Ynas Midgard's OSR Blog
    irregular musings and content for D&D

  38. 5 word: "My musings on D&D (OSR)"

    and please add me to the S&W appreciation day

    my blog is:

  39. Mine was there right from the start, but ... "A 20-Sided Look at Life."

  40. Daily OSR Fix - Random tables makes me smile

  41. Erik, I haven't signed up yet, but I'd like to do so.

    What Do I Know?

    "One Gammer Yapping; Many RPGs"

  42. "OMG, its full of Sleestaks"

    I believe this is the first time I ever OMGed. I'm not comfortable with it.

    Gothridge Manor...just in case you forgot.

  43. O Druida Hierofante (The Hierophant Druid) "Swords & Wizardry in Brasil"

  44. 18 - Hereticwerks: Monsters, Maps and More.

  45. 21 Semper Initiativus Unum: Rethinking Classic Tropes, Sharing History

  46. Bat in the Attic - Hexes, Sandboxes, and Wilderlands

  47. Hey, we'll play too. I'll see to it that at least one post gets made on the Basic Fantasy RPG blog at:

    I don't think I can sum up our blog any better than the title, though. It's called "Basic Fantasy RPG Blog."

    I say "at least one post" because I'm not the only one with posting privileges on our site. I'll make a post, and I'll see who else might have an opinion.

  48. Reverend Dak dot Blogspot: Bicycles, Beer and 20-sided Dice.



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