Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Does Anyone That Plays Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG NOT Use The Crawler's Companion?

+Jon Marr has been updating The Crawler's Companion constantly since it released on the Android, Nook and Apple App stores and it is damn amazing! My biggest complaint about the DCC RPG has always been the size of the damn rulebook and the sheer amount of charts - it amounts to a natural 20 on an Intimidation Check.

The Crawler's Companion is like Intimidation Invulnerability ;)

Oh, and did I mention it's free? If you don't have a tablet or compatible phone, you can still access The Crawler's Companion via the web. It's got charts, spells and will even do your funky dice rolls - so you can play without the funky dice!

Not to mention all the other cool tools for the DCC RPG at the Purple Sorcerer Games site (not the least of which is the 0-Level Character creator).

I'm reading some newly released DCC RPG adventures (can you tell?) and I might think of NOT converting them for S&W - or better yet, run them under both DCC and S&W rules with separate groups.

I need more free time ;)


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  2. I've been drawn to DCC by the great reviews and funky old school artwork they use, but hesitate every time I read about the rules and strange dice.

    It's probably me getting old, but any game which requires an app to organize and filter chunk makes me nervous to try.

    Sell me on DCC, Tenkar!

  3. As someone that used Hero Lab for Pathfinder and Mutants and Masterminds, I felt that I needed a program to GM those games. It was the only way I would have enough time to actually run a game.

    As someone that runs DCC, and has run it with and without the app handy, it's a very handy tool that you don't need, but makes things a little easier at the table.

  4. I think Jared expresses it well. As a player, you really don't need the app to enjoy the game: DCC isn't complicated, but if you're the kind of person that doesn't want to be distracted by referencing an occasional chart the app does it quickly and seamlessly, keeping your head in the game.

    Also your 'standard dice' will suffice for most rolls, but you have the app to step in when you need something funky.

    From a design perspective, I built The Crawler to help me as a GM, and I wouldn't want to run an adventure without it. I'll continue to add features to try and make life just a little easier for those who run games. :)

  5. I've never used it in-game. The book & dice are enough for me & my group.

  6. This definitely isn't a necessity. I ONLY use it in reference mode during game play. It's a great tool to have though, if you find yourself in a situation where an opportunity to play comes up and no one has books or dice around.

  7. I have not used it at the table although I have had players use it for the spells. Despite the size of the book, I have had no issues running the game from it. I have printed up charts and such to help with the criticals, and not with the Judges screen I am pretty set. I do plan to use this awesome app when I get my Skype games going. It is a beautiful companion to the game and I recommend to anyone who wants a more streamline way of looking up charts in the game. If only Rolemaster had something like this back in the day... I don't know what I would have run it on, but it would have been cool.

  8. That's funny James C., because I ran Rolemaster almost exclusively for nearly 10 years back in the day, before looking up charts eventually drove me mad and back to AD&D at the tail end of 2nd edition. :)

    So the first thing I did after reading the DCCRPG beta doc was to start creating the Crawler. (And I do wonder how things might have been different all those years ago if we'd had tablets and such available...)

  9. I do not use the ap at the table, but I thank Purple Sorcerer every time I use a 0-level character sheet (blank), or pregenerate characters.


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