Sunday, April 7, 2013

Why Swords & Wizardry?

I've been asked this question a few times since I made the announcement for the Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Blogfest - why Swords & Wizardry? Why not Labyrinth Lord? Why not OSRIC? Why not...

Believe me when I say I have them all in dead tree format. I have OSRIC in full size, trade paperback and the Player's Guide.  I have LL and the AEC (and somewhere OEC, but I can't find it at the moment). Obviously I have Basic Fantasy RPG. Actually, I have the whole available line in print. Way too much Castles & Crusades. We all know my love for the DCC RPG. I even have Dark Dungeons in print, the Delving Deeper boxed set, Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (thank you Kickstarter) (edit) BOTH editions of LotFP's Weird Fantasy and will soon have some dead tree copies of the Greyhawk Grognards Adventures Dark & Deep shipping shortly.

I am so deep in the OSR when I come up for breath it's for the OSR's cousin, Tunnels & Trolls.

So, out of all that, why Swords & Wizardry? Why, when I have been running a AD&D 1e / OSRIC campaign in Rappan Athuk am I using Swords & Wizardry and it's variant, Crypts & Things, for the second campaign?

Because the shit works.

It's easy for lapsed gamers to pick up and feel like they haven't lost a step. I can house rule it and it doesn't break. It plays so close to the AD&D of my youth and college years (S&W Complete especially) that it continually surprises me. Just much less rules hopping than I remember.

I grab and pick and steal from just about all OSR and Original resources. They seem to fit into S&W with little fuss. It may be the same with LL and the rest, but for me the ease of use fit's my expectations with S&W.

Even the single saving throw. That took me longer to adjust to, but even that seems like a natural to me now. Don't ask me why, it just does. Maybe it's the simplicity of it. At 45, simplicity and flexibility while remaining true to the feel of the original is an OSR hat trick for me ;)

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  1. You have the Space Cockroach's Hideout twice.

    1. can u tell i'm going slightly batty? ;)

      working on the contact info spread sheet at the moment - not looking forward to matching up the emails to the blogs on the sheet - heh

  2. I'll post this again - #2 - Secrets of The Shadowend - Something wicked this way comes.

    1. Thanks Nathan. I'm still playing catchup and have overlooked (and double booked) some stuff it seems ;)

    2. Not a problem. If I were you, I'd be going screaming mad (or, as it's called in my house, "normal").

  3. Guess I'll jump on the bandwagon at Blog #113.
    The Campaign Expanse

  4. I need to go through this list and add a bunch.

  5. Good article. I am preparing to run my local group through OSR, but I am tossing between DCC and S&W (homebrewed a tad). I ran OD&D for them and they loved it, I am just not sure the over-the-top nature of DCC, to include zocchi dice, will sit well with the team. ugh


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