Friday, April 12, 2013

What Type of Articles Do You Want to See in the Relaunched Knockspell?

As I posted earlier, +Matt Finch is relaunching Knockspell with the help of the community response to the Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Blogfest (coming your way April 17th and currently sitting at 126 participating blogs).

Now, as someone that plans on submitting material to the Knockspell relaunch, I figured I'd ask the community at large:
What do you want in your Knockspell?
Classes, spells, adventures, encounters, monsters, NPCs, charts, tables, GM advice - the list is nearly infinite, which is why I ask - what do you want?

Matt might be the man putting the package together, but Knockspell belongs to the Swords & Wizardry Community and the OSR at large. Without the community's participation, it simply won't be.

So, even more important than what you may want to find in upcoming issues of Knockspell is:
 What do you want to write? 
You ARE going to submit something, right? ;)


  1. I can tell you what I don't want. I don't want the same old stuff rehashed. I want to see the boundaries of S&W pushed past 1978.

  2. I remember my favorite part of reading dragon magazine was the adventures/encounters. (Not that I'm trying to compare it to dragon or turn it into that magazine.) What about a multi-part adventure like if it's going to be a quarterly publication release a 4 part adventure or campaign that will conclude at the end of the year. Also maybe an article detailing a campaign setting for S&W. Each issue could add more information and maybe some hex maps and maps of towns.

  3. Adventures, locations, rooms/areas I can drop into (mega)dungeon.

    Do not want maps, npcs, Monsters, Magic items in isolation, i.e. not part of the above.

  4. I agree that new monsters and magic items are usually worthless in isolation.

    Monstrosities has 500+ monsters, we don't need any more taking up valuable pages.

  5. Adventures, interesting locations, hooks & seeds, unique traps, NPCs that have stories to tell, tips and tricks on running excellent sessions, and those wonderful takes of randomness.

  6. Creativity! Enough with numbers and stats. Show us what this toolbox called SWORDS & WIZARDRY can do. Show us the worlds we can play in. If it is a clone of the early days, then show us why the early days were so magical. Remind us why we play the game 40 years later. Answer the question: How did a game based around miniature play turn into a worldwide force and genre creator that far surpassed its original intention. And no f-ing navel-gazing.

  7. Adventures, rooms/areas, monsters, magical items, mundane items, and advice.

  8. Mini-Adventures, encounters, different settings such as Western/Colonial/Victorian such as I have written, NPC's, new classes, new races/race-classes.

  9. You know, one thing I would add is don't worry about making a big magazine. I just looked at issue five.. 67 pages. That is a Lott of work, I would aim for a few quality articles and produce something monthly. Having regular products come out on time and at regular intervals would get S&W in people's minds and help the game's popularity grow.


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