Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Afternoon Double feature at The Tavern - Dredd and Prometheus

So, when you are on vacation AND sick as a dog, what is one to do?

Watch DVD's of course!

So, I settled into bed with the dog and the cat and watched some movies this afternoon.

The first movie up was the new Dredd. Now, I remember the pretty campy movie with Stallone from back in the day (and the "You can do eet!" guy), which was fun if horribly stupid. The new one (in which I have absolutely no idea who the actors were) was surprisingly good for what it was - a slow motion bloody gorefest. I tried to reconcile it with the on 2000ADs I used to buy on newsprint back in the day, but I'm so far removed from that I couldn't tell you how well it kept to the Dread mythos. Still, a damn fine thrill ride.

Next up was Prometheus. It was - not bad, but not all that great either. Plot spoiler, but I still don't understand why the android infected the Ben Afleck (Charlie Halloway) look alike. Yeah, it's like Aliens with the serial numbers scratched off, until the last scene where they put the serial numbers back on. Which makes sense, as it's the same universe, but I found stuff to be both confusing (again, why the  infection? to bring back a bio agent to earth? if so, why the acceptance of the doc after she aborts her ill conceived aberration?) and predicable at times (I know I've watched too many movies when I can say the lines of a new movies before the character does

I mean, Judge Dread left me all hyped at the end, and I'm sick as a dog. Prometheus left me still feeling ill.


  1. I was really pleasantly surprised at Dredd.. I think the Stallone version had me worried but I thought this one was well done and a solid action flick. Prometheus also left me feeling MEH at the end...

  2. Dredd was a dandy flick. Hope it gets the attention it deserves on DVD.

  3. Dredd was a dandy flick. Hope it gets the attention it deserves on DVD.

  4. Dredd kind of was hurt because it was essentially The Raid (which was getting big word of mouth at the time), even though it wasn't a deliberate copy.

  5. Dredd was definitely a pleasant surprise. Ptometheus, on the other hand, was decent until I let it settle and really thought about the goof ups. I really hope the sequel is much better. As it stands, I probably would only get Alien & Aliens on Blu-Ray and call it good.

  6. Loved Dredd, Karl Urban (Bones in the new Star Trek) played Dredd and Ma Ma was the chick who plays Circi Lannister on Game of Thrones.

  7. On the Promethius infection question, I chalked it up merely to the android's curiosity as well as an agenda to keep his creator alive. The bio agent was an unknown quantity and the fastest way to find out was to infect the scientist, one whom the android probably didn't care for anyway. When the lady scientist turned up pregnant with an alien life form, once again the primary interest was preserving it for future discovery and potential uses. Once she had aborted it, there was nothing the android could further do and therefore he held no grudge.


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