Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Session That Almost Wasn't - And a Random Application of "Save or Die"

So, last night was the game session that almost wasn't, or to be more accurate, the game session that mostly wasn't. It was to be out first session using Roll20, so I expected some hiccups. Our issues weren't with the interface, but with lack of players.

Two bowed out a few hours before game time (but after I'd already turned down some guests for lack of virtual seating) and the third wound up being 2 hrs late - but we called the game after 90 minutes ;)

In any case, the players that were there got to play with the Roll20 interface, and we even had +Joshuha Owen as a lurker to help us with our questions.

You would think with half the party missing - in this case all 3 of the party's fighters, there would be no gaming to be had. You would be wrong.

One of the fighters ( +Craig Brasco )  had forwarded us his character sheet   - he intended for his character to participate even if he couldn't. That gave the party a fighter with HP and damage dealing. It also gave +Joe D a chance to use the "Rappan Athuk Slot Machine" Chamber. And use it he did.

Joe's character Glabe hit the 100XP numbers twice, but he also hit the Save or Die (1-1-1). Glabe needed a 13 or better for his save, and I was already thinking about how to work Joe's next character into the campaign when Joe rolled - a 13. Go figure.

Joe also rolled (6-6-6) TWICE. Which resulted in the appearance of two demons (individually) that wanted to return from whence they came with Glabe's soul. It didn't happen, and a decent amount of expo was gained by those that were there. Well, decent for the 90 minutes we were logged in for ;)

Hopefully next week we'll finally get the party into "The Gut".

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