Thursday, February 14, 2013

Empire of the Petal Throne - New in Wrap Unboxing (TSR 1975)

So, over the weekend I snagged a new, still in wrap (torn wrap) copy of Empire of the Petal Throne on eBay. It was supposed to arrive tomorrow or Saturday, but it came a day early. I'm not complaining, as it helps me feel better about the fact that I've been fighting the Norovirus since just after last night's post. Yep, its been one hell of a night / day.

Anyhow, enough about me. You want the pics. I don't blame you. Onward to the show...

(hopefully a bit better than Geraldo and Al Capone's Vault ;)

Well packed in it's shipping box.
It's like unwrapping a Christmas Present

The wrap is certainly torn, but it's all there. $30 price tag.

The wrap has been removed. The box has a slight crush on
the top side, but the colors are still remarkably vibrant.
And the Box is now opened.  The map actually makes
slight cracking sounds as I unfolded it.

Lookie! A second map!

And a third map!
There are actually 2 sets of this 4 page spread of Reference Sheets.
The cover of the rules book. The lower right hand corner
of the book isn't crushed - that's part of the cover
paper not sticking to the inside of the box.
Spiral bound. Nice! I wondered about the discoloration
on the right side of the page, so I turned the page...

It was a glob of misplaced ink during the printing process.
And there you have it. Haven't looked at it all that closely. Nausea and frequent trips to the bathroom are known to disrupt the best laid plans of mice and men. Figures I'd get sick on my vacations :(


  1. The box cover is actually a map of the area around the city so there are 4 maps.

  2. It's actually comb or Cerlox binding. Be careful, the plastic can become brittle with age.

  3. i was surprised at the price - a used box in good condition goes for about 200 on ebay - this was like 225

    of course, didn't bother giving the wife pricing details ;)

  4. That's awesome. One thing I've always wondered: are all of the maps Tyvek, or just the one?

  5. Hedgehobbit is not quite correct. The map on the box is actually an overhead view of Bey Su, the capital of the Tsolyani Empire. You're looking from south to north (approximately) along the Mssuma River. The Temples of Avanthe and Sarku are on the east side of the river, with the Tolek Kana Pits (the Imperial prison) nearby. The city governor's palace and the great marketplace of the city are on the west side, guarded by Patyel's Walls.


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