Monday, February 11, 2013

Mini Review - The Manor # 3 (OSR Fanzine)

I know for sure I could never do a fanzine where I did all of the writing. It's not that I'd run out of ideas, but I'd find myself jumping back and forth between them to the point that nothing would ever get completed. I tip my hat to +Tim Shorts . It may have taken longer than you might have liked to complete the latest issue of The Manor, but you did it and it is good.

The Manor #3 starts off with an adventure - Mine of Rot & Disease. Tim labels it as a One-Shot, but I feel it could even work as a campaign kick-off. I like it because it has the potential to to truly involve the players emotionally, especially if this is their starting town. It's written for the S&W Complete ruleset, but should work with any OSR rules of your choice.

I miss the Rusty Battle Axe and his postings, but here we get a small snippet of poetry from the man. In truth, I wish we had his postings. Anyway, where was I?

Pog Nog's Cart - I am so fucking stealing this. Seriously, it is many layers of awesome, as is Pog Nog. I may just have to have him wandering The Gut in Rappan Athuk ;)

Aszeer: God of the Monster Hunt - The Monster Hunter gives us a new class for Blood & Treasure. It's an interesting take on the specialize multi-class cleric type. I'd be interested in playing with and / or tinkering with the class for other OSR systems. I may need to tone it down just a tad as it seems to be more powerful than other multi-class options in B&T.

So, is it worth $2.50 for the PDF ($3.50 for the print copy)? Hell's yes! I already ordered my print copy to go along with my PDF version.

From the blurb:

The Manor is back with more old school gaming goodies.  Within these pages you'll find:

The Village of Aberton is suffering from a mysterious sickness.  Undead have been spotted on the dark countryside.  The Baron has not responded.  The monks of Ambrose Abbey seemed to have abandon Aberton.  Only a group a kick ass adventurers can cure this disease.

Pog Nog strolls through the streets with his creaky wheeled cart.  He's got a surprising selection of trinkets.  He's got stuff you don't even know you need, but he'll make sure the right item gets the right person.

And the Monster Hunter class.  This class was created for the Blood & Treasure RPG, but can kill monsters in any edition of any game...ever.


  1. Glad to see you got your copy. I'm hoping mine gets here today. Tim's a great all-around OSR guy and a good game author.

  2. Tim Shorts is a solid writer, and I have ran and used the stuff from both previous Manors, and I'm currently running my group through Knowledge Illuminates. They're scared shit-less about that chest right now, as they should be.

  3. Erik, thanks for the review. I hope you can some use out of it. Pog Nog is one of my favorites also.

    Digital Orc, thanks and I hope it get to you soon. The prints were sent out on Saturday.

    Dak, ha very cool. I hope you do a quick write up about it.

  4. Oh, and Rusty is back. Here is his blog.

  5. (aka The Rusty Battle Axe): Yup, I am here.

    1. already added you to my blog roll ;)

    2. Good deal, I was going to give you his link.

      Thanks for the review.


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