Monday, November 12, 2012

Mother Nature is a Gawd Damn DCC RPG Patron!

It was damn foggy this morning

Really. She has to be. No other way she can be so full of life and destruction at the same time.

I'm back from my 17 hour day in the Rockaways here in NYC, and two weeks after Hurricane Sandy it still looks like it was hit by a blizzard - a blizzard of sand. I guess her name was more accurate that anyone imagined when they named her.

I have a shitload of gaming stuff that I'm supposed to be working on for future publication once my life gets back to normality, but all that might be trumped by my desire to put a DCC Patron patterned on Mother Nature together as a fan project on the blog.

It might help me sort through the destruction that Hurricane Sandy wrought as well as the indomitable resolution of human nature to repair, rebuild, replant and basically resurrect a community after such a calamity.

So, after a piece of cake and a beer (not at the same time ;) I'm going to put my head to my pillow and think of such things and the people I met today, folks that won't let mother nature have the last word. There is some gaming material in what I witnessed today, just as years of gaming has helped me in doing my job since I came on in the 90s.



  1. I don't drink, is there some sort of issue between cake and beer I don't know about. I mean, cake is usually good, and if you're a beer drinker, beer's probably good...so, I don't get it.

    What if it's actually FATHER Nature and he's just ticked off that everyone thinks he looks like a girl [damn hippie]?

    A little photoshop and you've got yourself a pic of something's legs scuttling around.

  2. I like that part about not giving Mother Nature the last word. And I like that you got some inspiration from it all.


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