Friday, November 16, 2012

A Mad Mage's Privy Design - Or - The One Hundred and First Use of a Bag of Holding

Sleep deprivation and internal clock wackiness can lead to truly amazing thoughts. Today's strange thought works off of the idea of waste removal from "dungeons". In this specific instance, I'm thinking of the type of dungeon associated with mad or crazy mages and wizards. Some folks refer to these as "Fun House Dungeons", as they are often stocked with bizarre creatures and off kilter mapping, due to teleports and other such annoyances for the players.

Now, a standard dungeon may have a stream or other water source running through it. Where it enters, you (hopefully) have clean water. Where it leaves is probably where much waste material (dung and the like) will be disposed.

Fun House Dungeons generally exist in weird realities that are cut off from the external world with the exception of specific entrance / exit ways. So, probably no running water from a natural source. In these types of dungeons, I would expect a Decanter of Endless Water to solve that problem.

As for the waste? You could have a privy that teleports it to some random location (I do like the idea of a town suddenly finding itself the recipient of random poop and pee from the skies, and a quest for the heroes to find the source and stop it) but they can't all do that. Well, they could, but then we would miss out on this piece of roleplaying gold: a Bag of Holding serving as the waste receptacle beneath the privy seat.

Just think of the party's joy of finding their very own Bag of Holding being tempered by the odors emanating from within. Think of the struggles to not just empty it of its noxious contents, but the chore of cleaning it. Heck, it may never get fully clean, as it may be nigh impossible to clean an extra dimensional space. Putting your coppers in there may make merchants refuse to take the sludge tainted coinage.

Knights of the Dinner Table had their Bag Wars. The players in this situation may be stuck with Bag Chores.

Alright, maybe I need more sleep.  

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  1. Aren't there several monsters dedicated to clean-up duty? Gelatinous Cube, Otyugh, Halflings...


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