Saturday, November 17, 2012

Looking at Lords of Creation from Avalon Hill

Yes, thanks to Christian over at Destination Unknown, I picked up Lords of Creation AND three of it's modules on Ebay this past week. What can I say, sometimes you have to take the leap of faith.

I do not read rulebooks from the first page to the last, I tend to jump around. Even when doing a quick skim of the rules I like to poke around, and in this case, I wanted to peek at the GM section first.

I find it very interesting that the rulebook refers to The Horn of Roland as an included adventure in the boxed set, but it isn't. It's the first of the adventures released for Lords of Creation.

I'll be digging through all of these later, but I thought I'd share my finds with you. (BTW, the last two adventures include a GM Screen in one a player sheets in the another).


  1. I still have to pick up a copy of Omegakron. There was going to be a movie about Omegakron, but it never came to fruition. Man, that would have been something!

  2. I started running a Lords of Creation game through NYC Redbox, and it has an old school deadliness to it.

    The game only made sense to me after reading the adventures closely. The rule book does a good job or explaining the mechanics, but not so great at communicating what to do with this kitchen sink of stuff it presents you with.


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