Sunday, November 11, 2012

Whereupon Joe the Lawyer Took Us To "Blood Island"

Just add some tentacles and shit and we killed it! ;)

Late yesterday afternoon, Joe the Lawyer offered to run last night's game session. He knew I'd been working 60+ hours a week the last 2 weeks and was willing to shoulder the burden for me. He's also been working on his own adventure, "Blood Island" and was interested in giving it a little test.

I was on board so long as the rest of the group was, and they were, so it was time for me to create a Flailsnails character for Joe's Blood Island (in which he was running a modified LotFP Weird Fantasy ruleset).

So, I used the Autarch website to get me my 5 characters and actually landed one with a 17 strength, 18 con (19 with bonus due to being a Dwarf) and a 14 wisdom. Tenkar Calishun, Dwarven Fighter / Cleric 1/1 using the LL AEC rules was thus born. Like how I combined two rulesets to generate a character to run in a third? heh

Joe kept a great pace going last night. We had but one true casualty (well, two if you count Greg's Fighter going to negatives but getting saved by one of my CLWs) of the four of us, and the challenges were challenging. Our sole death was in the final encounter - it was basically a random sacrifice as we all ran to safety. Craig, thanks for taking the hit for the rest of us ;)

It is fun being a player sometimes :)


  1. Such if life my friend on the shore of Blood Island. I had a blast as well. I like Joe's concepts so far.

  2. Thanks guys. I really enjoyed myself as well. Any time you need a break, I'm willing to give it a shot :)

  3. Aw, man, I'd have loved to been there! This Blood Island thing sounds pretty kickass.


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