Monday, August 27, 2012

Re-Reading Swords & Wizardry Complete Has Started...

Somehow, I never noticed during my first read through that Con and Dex have a maximum adjustment of +1 for high stats. At first, my mind rebelled when seeing this, but in further thought, it keeps AC and HP less swingy. I actually like it.

Str bonus only for Fighters I'll probably house rule away, although I'd probably cap it at +1 for non-fighters.

S&W Complete feels much like AD&D, simplified to the way my groups played it. We had houseruled it without knowing that's what we were doing.

I do miss the Illusionist. I might have to write up my own version of the class, much like I did the Bard last year.

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  1. Just an FYI, there is now an SRD site for Swords & Wizardry at http://www.d20swsrd.com (also available via http://www.swordsNwizardry.com.)


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