Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Racial Specific Class - Halfling Adventurer (S&W Complete)

Based on yesterday's Halfling discusion and my later post on Racial Specific Classes, I came up with the following for Swords & Wizardry Complete:

Halfling Adventurer

Prime Attribute: Dexterity, 13+ (+5% experience bonus)
Hit Dice: 1d4/level (gains 2hp/level after 9th - maximum level is 10th)
Armor: Chainmail or Leather; no shield
Weapons Permitted: Any, but magical weapons are limited to daggers, swords and bows

Adventurer Class Abilities:

Fights as a Thief of the same level. (No Backstab Ability)

Saves as a Thief of the same level.

Levels as Thief

All thieving skills except Climb Walls. If wearing chainmail armor that is not magical, thieving skill effective level is reduced by 2 levels (Adventurers of 1st or 2nd level can not attempt any thief abilities while wearing chainmail armor)

Dodge Fatal Blow 1/day (2/day at level 5, 3/day at level 10) the Halfling Adventurer can attempt to dodge a fatal blow (physical attack from combat or trap - does not apply to spells, or spell effects - it does apply to breath weapons). The attack in question must have the potential to reduce the Adventurer to 0 HP or less (the DM will state if it does if the player asks). 

After the roll to hit against the Adventurer is successful, but before damage is determined, the player of the Adventurer must decide if he will attempt to use his Dodge Fatal Blow ability. If he decides to use Dodge Fatal Blow, he rolls a saving throw, and if successful, no damage is taken (nor is it rolled). If he fails his saving throw, he takes damage as normal and loses his next attack due to disorientation from attempting to dodge the blow that landed.


  1. How (When) does the Dodge Fatal Blow ability work in conjunction with an attack that normally allows a Saving Throw (e.g. Breath Weapon)? i.e. do you get to try the saving throw before deciding on the the DFB?

    If it is after the Saving Throw, and the result of a passed Saving Throw is a damage reduction, and the reduced damage potential does NOT, does one lose the opportunity even though the original damage DID have the potential to be fatal?

    Are you sure you don't have some passive aggressive hatred towards Halfling?
    Because with their 10th (and last) level, you just had to take that die away and screw them out of that 1/2 HP (on average), didn't you?

  2. @SAROE - this is why I post - I need feedback to find clarity ;)

    DFB comes before the save for Breath Weapon. Potential damage is the full BW Damage. If DFB is successful, no damage is taken. Unsuccessful, roll save as normal as Breath Weapon.

    As for level limit - this might change when I flesh out the 3 other halfling classes bouncing around my head. One class would be unlimited, the others would have set level limits.

    I do believe strongly that demi-human races have built in advantages. Either you limit their advancement or you build the demi-human advantages into the expo table.

    Not sure the route I'd go with yet.


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