Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Do Y'all Think About a Rotating Game Nite?

I know I want to run Adventurer Conqueror King System as my main game, but I've also been thinking about running a secondary game.

I've also been accused more than once of having Gamer's ADD or something similar, as I express interest in many different systems.  What can I say?  I like RPGs.  Heh.

So, what I was thinking was I'd have a steady game (ACKS) and run a second game nite of one shots or short story arcs, using other systems.

Probably looking at Savage Worlds, QUERP, Ancient Odysseys, Tunnels & Trolls and the like for the side games.  For the most part, games that are easy to explain, yet aren't D&D or one of it's numerous clones.

ACKS would be a steady group, the side games would allow people to drop in and out.

G+ Hangout with possibly a VTT on the side.  All I really need is a whiteboard.

Any thoughts?  Suggestions?  Desire to make fun of my Gamer's ADD? ;)


  1. How about a non-fantasy game? Obviously, a Cthulloid horror game (or two) springs to mind.

  2. I'd love to do a rotating Google+ game, especially since I've been away from the GM's chair for so long. I've been thinking about running a Spaghetti Western-style Savage Worlds game for a while.

  3. @DrBargle - That, X-Plorers for the Sci-Fi end of it... lots of options

    @Jamie Albrecht - rotating GM chair would work well too, as I figure I'd do a one-shot or short arc, then take a few weeks off from the second slot of GM'ing, then come back fresh with something new. Rotating GM's makes that even easier.

  4. Savage Worlds can handle a pretty wide variety of genres (including Supers, which hasn't been mentioned yet), though I don't think they do anything for Sci Fi yet. Getting the crunchy Mechwarrior to work online might be a pain, but oh the possibilities...

    I'd be up for at least rotating into/out of the rotation sessions, though I've up to now been just a happy reader of the blog.

  5. @sidereal - the more the merrier ;)

    the ACKS campaign is probably going to be mostly folks from the Saturday nite game i'm in that's wrapping up

    the rotating sessions are open to readers of the blog and folks on g+

    i'll announce at least 2 weeks in advance what the dealie is when it get's closet to taking off

    as for supers... it may crop up, it may not.

    Soloman Kane may crop up for Savage Worlds tho. I think that may work very well as a short arc that could always be returned to latter.


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