Friday, March 16, 2012

Free OSR - Myth & Magic (AD&D 2e Clone - Kinda)

Myth & Magic hit the virtual bookshelves at RPGNow today.  It bills itself as inspired by AD&D 2E, with new bells and whistles bolted on.  I haven't given it much more than a cursory examination at this point, but it doesn't seem to hew too close to the original source to my glance.

Stat bonuses don't line up and bonus spells for high stats seems excessive (I'd have to break out my 2e rules to verify the bonus spell part).

It looks to be professionally put together and I would call the PDF "printer friendly".  It comes in 2 volumes:  a Player's Starter Guide and a Gamemaster's Starter Guide.  It only covers up to level 10, so I suspect there will be more to come later.

I'll try to give Myth & Magic a review over the next few days, but with Savage Worlds on my plate to read and my travels through the OD&D White Box, I might not get that chance for a while.  Still, the books are free, so if you have the inclination to read it, there's no risk involved ;)

From the blurb:

Myth & Magic is an update and expansion to the 2nd Edition of the World’s Most Popular Roleplaying Game. It maintains the tone and atmosphere for classic storytelling, yet cleans up and modernizes some of the rules with new and improved mechanics.  We here at NHG started our gaming careers in the 1989 rules. We have tremendous love for that edition and that love is evident in the quality of the Myth & Magic experience. For anyone who has played 2E and enjoyed the countless avenues a good story and some good friends can take in a campaign, you will love Myth & Magic. For anyone who missed the 2E experience, Myth & Magic is a must-play. The 2E experience is unique and Myth & Magic does a great job of preserving that experience while providing a fresh set of rules.

The Player's Starter Guide contains ten levels worth of gaming goodness for the cleric, fighter, thief and wizard. At 148 pages, it is a mere taste of what is to come.

Download it now and then hop over to newhavengames.com to share your experiences and gain access to exclusive member content.

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  1. It doesn't have THAC0 though, right?! Ew... ;-)

  2. Started looking through it. Looks very polished and well put together, but it doesn't seem to have much personality to it. Just a quick impression.

  3. Thanx for the link.. You can't beat free so I'll take a look at it..

  4. Thought this was going to be about Yaquinto's Man,Myth & Magic.

    We played it a few times. Kind of wild. Killed a guy with my sandal. By throwing it.

    Good times. Never played 2E. Everyone was off to college and such.


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