Monday, March 12, 2012

Apocalypse World - It DOES Play Better Than It Is Written

Last night I played in a session of Apocalypse World GM'ed by Charles Jaimet (who's working on an excellent gaming interface for G+ Hangout). It was certainly a wee bit intimidating to be in a group containing Greg Christopher(Chubby Funster), Tavis Allison (ACKS) and Peter Adkison (GenCon, former owner of WotC). I just tried to hold my own ;)

It was one of the best roleplaying experiences I can recall being a part of. Obviously the group of players involved was a major part of that, but I must admit, the system was too.

Apocalypse World pretty much forces your to role-play, but in such a natural manner you hardly even realize it.

I stand behind my earlier comments about the presentation and writing of AW - it is so hard to work your way through the rules that I had to put them down multiple through sheer frustration. Someone needs to do a rewrite to make it user friendly. Still, as many told me earlier, it plays so much better than it reads. I stand partially corrected ;)


  1. Did you re-read through the AW rules after the game?

    I'm just wondering how much the playability was improved by having a GM (or MC in this case), drift the rules toward a more playable style rather than what's written in the text. I'm also wondering if the calibre of roleplayers elevated the game beyond it's normal means.

    I'm thinking that the group of players you mentioned could turn either "World of Synnibarr" or "HoL" into an elegant artwork of a game.

  2. Amazing GM and real strong players (as you can tell).

    The system works, but still reads like shit.

    I'll never run it, because i refuse to try to read it to completion ;)


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