Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Early Spring, Complete With Hiccups

I'm not even sure if winter ever fully settled in this year.  Very little snow, no ice - heck, I never even broke out my winter jacket.  I survived with my fall fleece (although I doubled up on the fleece a handful of days).

Now it's March 11th and my front yard is in full bloom.  This is NYC, mind you, so I'm just happy I have a front yard that can grow flowers ;)

Spring often brings new and / or fresh starts, which I might be looking for.  Looks like the Saturday Night game is wrapping up, not due to any sort of player issues but more to the tune of "system issues".  It's been a great group to play with and the party truly gelled but no one is all that satisfied with the system.  We'll see what happens next.

Hey, I wanted to start up a campaign or two in any case.  I may just have to accelerate the process ;)


  1. Those daffodils look very happy. :)

  2. Lookin good in my yard too! F snow, I'll take this sort of winter every year.

  3. Having spent last year in Iraq, I was really looking forward to seeing some snow or a blizzard or two, but got neither. It has really warmed up here as well and the grass is starting to grow. My yard, however, is completely dead, one more weekend filled with gymnastics and then I will get to work on it.


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