Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Damn Dice!

Ashley Loves Her Dice
I have a huge collection of RPG dice sets, going back over 30 years.  Heck, I even bought a set in preparation of receiving my copy of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG - yes, even the funny sided dice.

But I learned something last week.  Those gem style dice that look so cool & pretty?  I can't read them for shit with these 44 year old eyes without picking them up off the table.  Sigh.

Most of my dice are packed away, but I was able to put together two ugly yet readable sets and some extra d10s, d20s and some 6's for tomorrow night's Games That Cannot Be Named in Brooklyn.  Last week in SoHo was a blast, and I expect more of the same ;)

Anyone else having Old Man Dice Issues?  I'm pissed that I may have to retire some nice gem sets, but inking them wouldn't be the same (and probably still wouldn't be as readable as solid inked dice).

Oh, and the huge d20 in the front should help too ;)


  1. I've got the same problem dude.
    My 43 year old eyes, just can't read the numbers off those fancy gem dice anymore. *sigh*

  2. Yep. Had to retire some dice as well. Especially those Gamescience gem dice. Looks like early/mid forties is it.

  3. I don't use crystal dice, only opaques, but I reached the point where I have to play wearing reading glasses just to read the damn rulebook.

    Yeah, old man is old. Now off my lawn, or it's the hose.

  4. I noticed a couple years ago that painting minis with my eyeglasses on was nearly impossible. I like having a good movie (or a cheesy movie) on while painting. I realized that I had to keep lifting them up, taking a look at the mini, and then applying paint. Then I'd put them back on and watch a bit more of the movie while waiting for the new paint to dry.

    I tried again a month or so ago and it was even worse. Coulod barely get anything out of the movie at all. Interestingly this was about a week after an opthamologist told me I wouldn't need bifocals for several more years.

    Now let me get back to my rocking chair. I have some 3" dice to ink, y'whippersnapper.

  5. I have problems reading the small typeface of some of the old game books... I hope they start printing large type gaming material for us old codgers ;)

  6. Crystal dice, unless the contrast between die color and ink color is extreme, are nearly impossible for me to read nowadays. Hell, many of my opaque Chessex speckled dice are also difficult to read, if the die colors don't contrast enough with the ink color. Damn old age.

  7. Old Woman, and yes.

    Solid GameScience (black with white, for instance) dice are my faves. Armory dice are generally high-contrast and large-inked, as well.

  8. I've never liked gem dice, or marbled dice. They weren't what came with my Basic set, were they? Solid primary colours for me.


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