Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Are Your 5E Deal Makers / Breakers?

D&D 5e is in the works. The designers want to make a game that players from all the various editions of D&D can come together and enjoy. Great in concept - a horror to implement.

What features would you want included to make this The D&D Game in your eyes - or at the very least, the minimum you would need to even give it an honest look?

For me, it's a return to unique classes. Where every class has its role. Empowering the DM. Role play before role play. Vancian magic.

My deal breakers? A necessary combat grid. A rule for every possible situation. Every class having something to do in every situation. Every class having (super) powers.

What are yours?


  1. I don't mean to sound flip, but for me it is bog simple:

    Deal Maker: Return to Guidelines Not Rules
    Deal Breaker: Stay with Rules Not Guidelines.

  2. Dealmaker: This is the last edition
    Dealbreaker: Just wait for 6e, it's gonna rock!


  3. the companion thread for this at google+ is already over 60+ comments and growing. Holy carp!

    +Erik Tenkar over at G+

  4. I have to be able to not use Vancian magic.

    It has to be friendly to being hacked for my own setting needs.

    It needs to have the prep time requirements of 4e.

  5. I want:

    4e monsters/NPCs
    3e PCs
    1e magic and mystery

  6. Dealmaker: Let me play a version of Moldvay basic that I want to play. DMs and Rules, over players and exceptions.

    Dealbreaker: Monsters that are all about 4E IP (example: Hellspawn Goblins over regular goblins)

  7. Open Game License or at the very least a license that allows third party publishers to support product out of the gate. Less IP issues would be ideal as well. Let's shoot the lawyers and have some fun with our game.

  8. Dealbreakers:
    Millions of "splat books".
    Requiring an online component to play that you have to pay for.
    Exorbitant costs.

    Simplicity, if that's even possible given what they are trying to do.
    Software to help run the campaign, and create characters. Preferably a disc that comes with the books. Software that you can run offline.
    New content. Don't rehash old settings. Come on! Get creative!

    This being said, I doubt I will ever play, or buy the game. With what they are trying to do I expect nothing less than an epic fail. You can't make EVERYONE HAPPY, and that's what they are trying to do.

  9. Deal Maker: Expandablity and adaptability.

  10. Dealbreaker: The absence of options which allow me to play a simple OD&D game, a complex 3.5 game or an exciting Fourth Edition game.

    Dealmaker: The ability to play a party with a mixture of characters similar to those from these different editions.

    I see a Starter Box with OD&D/Essentials rules, and a simultaeously published Advanced Players' Handbook with AD&D/3.5/Fourth Edition rules.


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