Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No SOPA For You!

Today is the day of action for those concerned about the pending SOPA legislation. I signed my online petition, I sent a letter to my congressman and I'm mentioning it on my blog.

What more can one man do? Not much. What more can many men (and women) do? Much more. There is strength in numbers. Let your voice be heard.

Remember those shaky OSR products (and I use the term loosely) that violated copyright? The ones that got quickly pulled from RPGNow when the violations were brought to their attention? Theoretically, SOPA could have taken down RPGNow for the violations (at least, that's how I read it).

One dick and everyone pays.

SOPA is like a cure for cancer that kills the host in order to save him.The cure is worse then the disease. As a cancer survivor, I'm rather pleased that the cure didn't kill me. ;)


  1. I agree ... good post. I'm surprised that there are actually folks out there in the blog-o-sphere that are tacitly supporting SOPA (http://matt-landofnod.blogspot.com). It would be a disaster and it just shows how corporations are willing to do ANYTHING to make a buck. I don't think we'll see an end to this sort of push anytime soon. SOPA might die but SOPA II will rise from the ashes and I doubt it will be really any kinder to free speech.

  2. According to Forbes.com Obama has stated he will veto the current incarnation of the SOPA/PIPA bill.


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