Tuesday, January 17, 2012

D&D 5E? Theres an App for That! (maybe)

Alright, so the authorities won't let me fill my Tavern's basement scrying pool with privy runoff. What do health inspectors know anyway? I'll just fill it in a more... direct manner.

We all know how gun shy WotC is with releasing their IP in PDF format. I was part of the mad rush to make sure I had downloaded copies of my legacy purchases at RPGNow when they pulled the plug. The thing is, digital IS the wave of the future.

Comic Book stores are facing many of the same problems that Hobby and Game stores are. What has DC Comics recently done? They are now releasing their titles simultaneously in print and digital. They've embraced the future (and I hope it works for them).

I expect WotC to do something similar, allowing their latest D&D edition and it's supplements to be accessed via Apps (PC/OSX/iOS/Android). Whether thye go to per product purchasing or subscription based like the DDI, they need to have their products available on tablets / smartphones / laptops /; etc. It might not be their main market, but it is a sizable chunk of change and one that should not be ignored.

Hmm, maybe those guys from the health department are on to something. I think I might have an infection in my hand from having to stir the waters.

I better go to a "Cleric in a Box" and have this looked at. Good thing my "Adventurer's Health Plan" covers this with a small copay ;)


  1. If they are at all serious about appealing to younger/new players, they need to go a lot farther than making .pdf rulebooks. Although I agree with you, it's completely crazy they aren't available now. I have my pdfs on a smartphone and it's proven so, so convenient when I have forgotten a book or think of an idea in something I didn't happen to bring along with me.

  2. I work for HaperCollins Publishers. With-in the last 2 years R R Donnelly has set up long term contract's with publishing co. because of the fear of e-files and pdf sales. With the onset of POD ( print on demand) machines going strong, the days of large books stores will fade away like music and video stores have done.

    Why have a large book store with over 20 employees, large heating cost's, and a huge overhead of books sitting on their shelves. Have 3 or 4 employees, small building, no overhead when you buy a POD machine that is the size of a small car. All you have to do is pay royalty fee's when you print out a book.

    Can't remember when Dragon mag. and Dungeon mag. when to pdf sales only, but I see WotC going the same route. The ability of getting your new players handbook in dead tree format will still be their, just have to pre-order them.

    Just one last note. I work at HapersCollins return center. Barns&Nobles have been sending their return stock in Nook boxes for the last 9 mo.(we get 2 full truck full weekly= 80 pallets)thats alot of Nook's being sold.

  3. @baronzemo - very interesting info about the publishing side of this.

    and that is alot of nooks ;)


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