Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interesting Note on My Reviews...

They actually get less traffic then just about anything else I post.  That being said, last night's quick peek at the free Companion Expansion did get a lot of views.

Can't say it's the subject matter, because most of my reviews are OSR related.

Ah well, another review is probably coming later tonight ;)


  1. We are a notoriously fickle bunch aren't we?

  2. Most curious.
    I'm seeing your reviews all over the place on the Onebookshelf sites. keep up the thorough work. :)

  3. @matt jackson - yes you folks are!

    @Billiam Babble - yeah, i go thru spurts of reposting my reviews from here over there. i probably have another 75-90 i need to post on that end

  4. I certainly hope you're not denying my world-shattering rulebook was entirely and totally responsible for a readership bump. Because you'd be right.

    Thanks again for the review.

  5. heh... I'll take the bump anyway it comes ;)

  6. Welcome to the club. Now just imagine your entire blog was reviews ...


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