Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting My Game On

I'm pretty psyched as I'll be back to regular gaming this coming Saturday via Google+ Hangout.  I've never actually gamed via G+ yet (and only used the Hangout feature once), so thankfully I'm a player and not a GM.

At the same time, I'm getting the itch to run a game myself.  I guess that kinda explains my afternoon of Virtual Table Top experimentation.  I've noticed that "simple" and "full featured" tend not to be in the same product despite the designers' best intentions.

I am most familiar with Fantasy Grounds, but as a player, not a GM.  You can hand hold a player, but you can't hand hold the guy running the show.  BattleGroundsRPG is something I purchased a while ago, and it's come long way.  I think I need to watch the training videos for both of these, as I always learn better watching over reading.

And yes, I'll check out MapTools again, although I was never all that found of it's set up.  And Epic Table.  And D20Pro.  Klooge is so ugly even with the floating licenses I have I'll probably never use it.  Oh, and iTableTop (did they drop the Pandoren label now?)

I'm still juggling systems in my head.  So much coolness to choose from I probably can't go wrong ;)


  1. I will be curious to see what you thought of gaming via Google Hangout. I've gamed via MapTool and TTopRPG with good success. Google Hangout has caught my eye, possibly paired with Google Drawing for mapping abilities.

  2. Should be interesting. With voice and video fart jokes will rule ;)

  3. I have ran numerous games using Fantasy Grounds and MapTool (as well as using at least once most of the other VTTs you mentioned). This last Friday I used Google Hangouts (I posted a review/writeup on my blog yesterday). For ease I would have to say Hangouts won the day, if you are familiar with Google products, you can run a game. For power though, you will have to go to FG or MapTool.
    Personally, I like Hangouts the best. Simple and easy.

  4. I think I need to get familiar with Google products... heh

  5. It all depends on how 'gamey' you want. Fog of War, built in die rolls, etc, if you want things like that, you need one of the VTTs, but if you are just wanting a 'table' for you all to sit around and play, it will work. I really like the integration with Google Documents. I uploaded the pdf rule book and the character sheets, worked perfectly.

  6. I ran a game on Friday using a G+ hangout. I used the screenshare and GIMP to show the players an overland map as they were exploring. I wrote a little about it on my blog here.


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