Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mix and Match - Building the Perfect System, or Not

As I await the arrival of some of my pre-orders (most notably the X-Plorers Boxed Set on the Tome of Horrors Complete) I'm set to do a more through read of the Adventurer Conqueror King System, specifically the campaign rules.

The way I see most of the Old School / D20ish rules that have been released, they are fairly modular in nature. You can pick and choose subsystems fairly liberally between them, mix and match, and with a little tweaking you can have a mish mash of rules that do your bidding.

I really like S&W Complete. It feels closer to the AD&D rules that we used to play with then even OSRIC does.

I also like LotFP's Weird Fantasy. Not so much the rules (I understand what Raggi was going for, but it does not fit my style of play) but the GM advice and such.

The Secret Fire has a few things I want to lift, 'tho I'm not sure it would be the core I would build off of. TSF is something I'd have to run as is to run it well.

ACKS feels fairly close to S&W Complete to my eyes, and I think I could bounce back and forth between the two fairly seamlessly.

Why the hell can't I think of running a game without mixing or houseruling? Heh


  1. "Why the hell can't I think of running a game without mixing or houseruling? Heh"

    It comes from absorbing all this OSR goodness!

    "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny!"

  2. I agree with James, however my disease also carried over into D & D 3.X and the avalanche of materials that the OGL provided. I get swamped with to much material to integrate into Dragonquest.

  3. Generally, Swords and Wizardry is my base Old School game, but lately I've been looking more and more at unmodified BECMI-style D&D for a Zelda-like archetype heroic game. I really like how it's put together, and I actually own hard copies!

  4. I think mixing and mashing just a natural part of the hobby.
    I am constantly thinking of genre mashups. Maybe it comes from years of reading comic books.
    Cowboys versus Martians. Cthulhu invades the Star Wars galaxy. Superheroes delving dungeons.
    The list goes on and on.
    Then the question becomes which game can handle the options I want to include yet still be easy to play without a bunch of work.
    I used to play GURPS and Hero, but these days I'm more interested in simpler systems like Villains and Vigilantes or Mystey Men.


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