Monday, September 19, 2011

Doc In a Box

I took off from work today. My fiancee twisted her ankle and wrenched the opposite foot when she was walking the dog yesterday and she can barely walk. Thankfully a new walk-in emergency care facility opened nearby that takes her health insurance. If we are lucky, nothing is broken.

Still, it's giving me a chance to try out Blogger's new app as I sit and wait. It seems decent so far. For free it seems even better.

I have a feeling Rachel is going to be housebound for the rest of the week. Thank god she'll have Hulu and Netflix, as I haven't set the DishNet up in the new bedroom yet.

Ah well, I'll try squeeze in more RPG reading when I get home from here.


  1. I hope everything wind's up ok with your fiancee's ankle.

  2. well, she broke 2 bones in one foot and sprained the other ankle. bootie and crutches.

    she's a tough girl...laughing and making jokes... i'd be a miserable fuck ;)


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