Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brokefoot Pothole

So, my wife to be broke bones in her foot AND sprained her opposite ankle when she stepped into a pothole on Sunday morning.  Not fun.  I actually wish it were me - I get unlimited sick time off from work subject to my job's doctor's approval.  I also wish it were me because I hate seeing the people I love and care for in pain.

It has put renovations on hold, as we were to bring the contractor in tomorrow to explain what we wanted done.  As the kitchen is Rachel's vision, we need her a wee bit more mobile then she currently is.  Hopefully the ankle heals significantly by this weekend and we can get an estimate done next week.

We have Pre-Canaan this weekend, the wonderful Catholic ritual that couples must go thru before marriage.  We get to have a married couple who probably have a f'd up relationship tell us how to succeed in ours.  I could get that advice at work ;)

Good news is I just picked up the DVD of The Walking Dead.  I watched it on iTunes, but this way i can watch it on the big screen TV and have Rachel watch it for the first time.  Thursday nite should be fun :)


  1. Pre-Canaan is a dice roll at best. Random encounters from time well spent to complete train wreck. I hope yours in worthwhile.

  2. Thanks Padre. I hope so too, or I may try to parley Rachel's broken foot into an early escape ;)

  3. "Brokefoot Pothole"... sounds like a kender name.

    Sorry to hear about your fiancee's injury. I've never broken any of my own bones, but I've had enough foot injuries to know they suck really, really bad.

    I hope she feels better soon.



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