Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Looking For an RPG That is Fun to Read and Fun to Play

Well, the future Mrs. Tenkar is grounded for at least the next two weeks.  Which means I need to find an RPG that is entertaining to read, easy to comprehend and works well in a small group (or even one on one).

Sure, I put her thru a Tunnels & Trolls solo last year (I ran it like a one on one type adventure) and she had fun, but didn't have a grasp of the rules.  I figure now is a perfect time to find an RPG that she can check out in her abundant free time.  PDF format is a bonus, as she enjoys using her iPad to read.

Open for suggestions.

Heck, I might even own some of the ones you might suggest.


  1. I can offer Neoclassical Geek Revival as a suggestion, it works well in smaller groups and its full of smirk worthy humour (which I can't help but throw in my writing). Mainly I can offer it to your for free as a PDF.

  2. Zzarchov, I'll gladly take a copy :)

    erik AT trublunite DOT net

  3. I'd recommend BEAN! The D2 RPG from Fabled Worlds. Short and simple rules but lots of fun to play. Plus you can get a pdf of the rules for only $3 from RPGnow.

  4. Bean! rocks!

    I gave away a bunch of copies earlier this year. Hmm, that is a possibility. Certainly is short ;)

  5. Old School Hack! Not sure how well it would run as a one on one however. It certain is a blast to play though.

  6. Ist edition Pendragon is packed away somewhere. My girl might dig it - I didn't. Didn't do anything for me.

    Old School Hack might work. Its short and free ;)


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