Monday, September 26, 2011

Defining the Kindreds in Tunnels and Trolls - The Basics - Humans

Why would anyone want to be a human in Tunnels & Trolls?  Every other kindred will average higher attributes due to multipliers.  Now, I know it isn't all about "min-maxing", but the inequality is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  It's even more noticeable with the 7.5e rules, where level is based on highest attribute divided by 10.

My house rule for Humans?  Roll 2 dice before you start rolling your attributes and put them aside.  These  2 dice can be used to replace any 2 individual dice you may roll generating your stats.  Once they are used they are disposed off.  In the 7.5e rules, they can be used to create a TARO result (Triples Are Rolled Over and added).

The extra dice are due to the inherent adaptability of humans.  Humans can be found in the coldest steppes, the hottest jungles and nearly every climate in-between.  From city dwellers to farmers, soldiers to  wizards, if there is a role to fill, a job to be done, a human has probably done it.

Tomorrow, we tweak the Dwarves...


  1. What about ditching modifiers?

    Let various Kindred roll more, or less, than 3 dice for abilities, but only keep three? It should weight things higher, and allow for more TAROs as the player chooses which three dice to use.

    e.g. Dwarf rolls 5 dice for strength. Gets 6,5,3,3,3 so player can take 14 or 9 and roll again (just the three dice).

    For Kindreds' weak abilities, roll two dice. If they are doubles, roll a third dice and add that score. If it matches the first two, roll a fourth dice and add its score,if it matches, so on and so on...
    No TARO-they have to earn it in these areas.

  2. You probably need to crunch the numbers to see where you end up on this, but in theory the Captain's suggestion is interesting, but I'm not sold on it.

    The idea of rolling two "adaptability dice" is very neat, though. A small but perceptible difference.

    I allowed humans to roll four, keep three. Also in the name of adaptability. But, I think the mathematics of that got weird. I'm no math wiz and we had some really high scores. The highest score was still rolled for the dragonman, though.


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