Monday, September 26, 2011

Victim of Real Life Thieving Skills

I didn't sleep well last nite. The dog was having some bathroom issues, and i had to let her out three times over nite so she could take care of business. And she still had a small problem in the room which I found when I woke up. So, needless to say, I wasn't in an awesome mood when I left the house to go to work.

My mood got worse when I reached my car. Some low life piece of sh!t broke into my car! Now, they didn't break a window or damage a lock. They had skills (or a master key). They apparently didn't let the car alarm phase them (as I had the AC on last nite, I never heard it). Well, "they" is a probably a singular "he" and safe bet they are a habitual drug user. He moved quickly, emptying the glove compartment, center console, passenger side door map storage area and the damn change holder on the driver's side.

Net loss? A three year old GPS and maybe 10 bucks in change.

Still leaves me pissed off.

I will take my blessings as I can. No damage to the car or locks. He was professional, as only a thief can be.


  1. Grrr. That type of thing pisses me off too. It's not so much the stuff missing but the lack of respect that person(s) has for other people's stuff.

  2. Mine got broken into a few years ago on the church lot, no real damage but they ran of with all the change, CD's and some religious books, which they were kind enough to dump on the lawn once they realized what they were. Frustrating but no broken stuff.

  3. Hopefully he fell in an open manhole shortly after the thievery.

  4. Sorry to hear you were robbed. Glad you can find an upside and no one was hurt!

    A guy in my gaming group had his car burgled a few years ago and lost his backpack of D&D stuff. There was a happy ending, though: most of it was recovered (some of it dumped on the way to the next burgled car!). The police were very skeptical that the dice bag was just for dice and not drug paraphernalia though. :)

    That perp was an addict too.

  5. from my experience, most petty crimes like this are perpetrated by drug abusers. as the economy stays in the dumps, I expect crimes like this to rise.


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