Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gaming With Hand Puppets - Is It a Sign of the Coming Apocalypse?

I had a conversation with a coworker yesterday and the subject of hand puppets came up.  Alright, it came up because we were discussing video blog posts, so it didn't just "pop up".  The thing is, as interesting as I find the use of hand puppets in a video blog post (you have been warned) it got me thinking about the use of them in a standard table top RPG session.  Mostly by the DM for the occasional NPC.

I found knights and dragons, and with an average price less then 20 bucks a pop it's actually affordable.  The question is, has anyone tried this before?  Is anyone willing to admit that they tried this before? ;)

It's may be kinda silly, but I think it could work with the right group (and correct game system)


  1. I'll see your 'puppets in RPGs' and raise you a sock puppet game... that actually looks kind of cool.

  2. If you want to see more sock puppets, check out dungeonbastard Guide to racial profiling--half elf's on YouTube.

  3. While I doubt it is a sign of the apocalypse, it may be a sign of growing insanity, which will enhance your gaming experience. I know functional insanity has helped my gaming.

  4. Are sock puppets less cool than say...hand painted toy soldiers?

  5. Puppets even cooler if the person using them is hidden, or a decent ventriloquist. It's true.

    Of course, now I'll have to run a game using sock puppets from underneath the table. You know... for realism.

    Huh, how cool would google+ games be if everyone turned their cameras to one side and used hand puppets?


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