Sunday, August 7, 2011

Digging Deeper Into The Secret Fire

So, The Secret Fire is D20 based, but it strays far and afield while still feeling vaguely familiar. Here's some quick observations:

6 stats, rolled on 3d6 - assigned as the player wants.

Four basic classes and the ability to multi class.

No HP as we know it, but wound levels and wounds.

Five spell levels, gained in the first 5 character levels.

Combat and non-combat abilities that seem like a cross between skills and feats.

A pool of points that can be used for special abilities, and the pool is refilled via role playing situations that fit the character but may not be directly beneficial to the party.

Just some stuff that came to mind as I sit at my in-laws ;)


  1. CURSE YOU! I mean uhm, . . .thanks. I am buying the game to read it too! Thanks for the review and nudge on the game. It sounds interesting enough to shell out a few bucks. While I might not play it, I really enjoy reading games and campaign settings. OH, I missed the post on reading pdfs' on tablets. I think tablets rock for game use and pdfs'.

  2. Sure thing, I've been reading it on the PC while watching some Anime on the ipad. Thus far I like the writing style and presentation of the game. While I doubt it will unite gamers as the end-all of RPGs, it seems like a good and different inclusion into the field of RPGs.

  3. any of you guys try to or have figured out any of the puzzles?

  4. heh... haven't even paid attention to that yet ;)


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