Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rule Correction / Clarification For The Secret Fire

George emailed me last nite to inform me that I was not wrong in thinking that the Luck Throw uses 2D6. Apparently there are 2 typos in the PDF where it states a Luck Throw uses a D12 - and I found one of those typos inadvertently using the new PDF with bookmarks.

So, until the PDF is updated, remember 2D6 for any Luck Throw you may need to make. Now if I can only convince him to use DARO (doubles are rolled over) from Tunnels & Trolls ;)


  1. Hey! I purchased TSF based on all the things you've been hinting at here and I too am very interested in a bookmarked version - any word on when lulu will have it available? Oh, there are evidently two different lulu PDF versions - any idea what the differences are?

  2. That's the PDF for Adobe Digital Editions for readers with e-book devices and has the heavy DRM. It's what stopped me from buying the 'Dragons at Dawn'. So beware if you want an open format pdf. Read the details at he bottom of the page.

  3. Dithering - contact George and he'll hook you up with a RPGNow copy of the PDF

  4. @Dithering Fool - please see George's post here: http://legendsandlabyrinths.com/2011/08/11/did-you-buy-the-lulu-pdf/


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