Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm On "The Secret Fire"

Yeah, i could start numbering the posts, but what's the fun in that?  Yes, more of my thoughts and observations on The Secret Fire RPG.

Just so y'all know, I was not a Kickstarter supporter of this project.  Truth to tell, the webpage (and yes, the associated blog) did not excite me.  Lot's of advertising talk, light on what was actually going on.  The Gail Gygax endorsement didn't excite me (she killed Legendary Adventures before I ever got to enjoy my books), but Monte Cook having good things to say did.  So, I went into this kinda neutral.

I'm also one of those fine folk that has asked out loud if we really need more retro clones and the like... it hasn't stopped me from buying them, but are the really needed.

The Secret Fire isn't a retro clone.  It gladly borrows and steals from D20, FATE, possibly T&T and I'm sure others.  It is solidly D20, and if you've played D&D in any of its incarnations (even - GASP! 4e) you will probably be comfortable with the system fairly quickly.  

I've been reading this like I read most RPGs these days - I jump around like a Mexican Jumping Bean.  As was pointed out by a poster on RPG.Net, the PDF lacks bookmarks.  How the hell do you put out a 310 page PDF these days without bookmarks?  I fully expect that will change in the near future, and the file will be updated with bookmarks.  If it isn't, I'll be here to rant.

That being say, I'm enjoying this immensely, even without the ease of bookmarks to enable my haphazard jumping thru the virtual book.  

Did I mention I just ordered 2 dead tree copies from Lulu?  Love those 20% off coupons ;)

Dinner calls.  More rule observations later tonight if all goes well.


  1. Your review intrigued me, so I picked up the PDF. It's interesting. I too am slowly digesting it.

  2. ive read almost all of it. i like it. have either of you figured out any of the puzzles?

  3. Definitely picking this one up as soon as I get the chance.

  4. Hard copy coming, just cuse I'm curious.

  5. Ok, I'm gonna ask someone...where is this 20% coupon? I am a master at Google-Fu and I can't find anything online about it. I really wanted to go ahead and pick this up but between a server crash and a Hard Drive death I was tapped this week.

    Is there a link to a coupon or code somewhere?

  6. for Lul try:



    both worked for me

  7. Thank You!

    (Didn't get to go to GenCon-Damn Hard Drive-Damn Server...damnit...what a week! :)


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