Friday, April 15, 2011

What Happened to the Homebrewing...

In answer to Christian's question about my hobby of Home brewing beer, I haven't done ANYTHING this winter season.  It's a shame too, as I was hoping to try out a raspberry flavor brew this time around.

Short reason:  I've been busy.

Long reason:  I've had added responsibilities at work, changed offices (twice), was taking the kid to Auxiliary Police training in the evening fall to early winter, some positive life experiences (but major time sinks), do it yourself to hold down the cost renovations (talk about time sink) - and general lack of space for my beer to ferment in, as the closet I used last year is being deconstructed (nice word) so it can be replaced by a closet with modern sensibilities and depth.


Soon it will be too warm to brew in NYC, unless I can clear out a pat of the basement that may stay fairly cool until late June.  This may be a brewing season that passes me by.

As for the savings vs. buying commercial bottle beer... if you drink Bud or Coors by the case, home brewing will not save you money.  If you drink primarily Microbrews, home brewing will probably cost less.

Still, thinking about the whole process made me think about how similar home brewing beer is to home brewing an rpg setting, but that's for a whole 'nother post.


  1. Boy, "a closet with modern sensibilities and depth" sounds like a phrase in need of deconstructing. I may be moving to PA from OR in a few months. Does it get too cold around there to homebrew in the winter, or are usual room temperatures good enough?

  2. in the winter we heat our houses 24/7. In the summer we generally only cool them when we are home. As long as you have a dark area that doesn't dip below the mid 60's much, you should be okay.

    You can also buy brewers yeast that likes cooler (low to mid 60's) temperature.

    Too cool the yeast goes dormant. Too hot it goes from over active to dead.

  3. I may have to post some "current closet" pics... heh


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