Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Call Me... The Godfather

Yep, my niece was baptized today, and I officially became a Godfather.  Pretty cool stuff.

My brother in law was also a gamer throughout high school and college, although he stopped gaming with AD&D 1e and the original Traveller.  Still,  he has all of his old gaming books proudly displayed on his bookshelves and frequently rereads his Traveller collection.  Traveller:  The New Era is apparently an evil thing (I did a decent job escaping that myself back in the day).

Hey, maybe when my goddaughter gets a bit older, we can baptize her into the RPG gaming club ;)


  1. Godfather, will you be my friend?

  2. Congrats! Start making that reading and potential gaming list. By the 2020's she will be ready to enjoy the hobby! Good Lord, the 2020's closer than we think!

  3. thanks all!

    i will make that list at some point, or crib one from another blog ;)


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