Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Looking For Some Reader Input

For the soon to start series of posts about Dragon Magazine (and The Strategic Review) I'm trying to decide on a post title. So far I'm considering:

The Dragon Flagon

Delving With the Dragon

Picking Apart The Dragon's Carcass

If anyone would like to add their own ideas to the mix, or would like to cast their vote for one of the above, drop a note in the comments below.



  1. The Dragon's Lair (or Layer or Layers)

    The Dragon's Treasures

    Dragon Eggs

    Dragon Out the Posts

    Dragon My Readers Through the Dragon Archive


  2. Dragon Out the Posts got a nice chuckle outa me ;)

  3. I'd recommend "Flogging the Dragon" except it would cause "double entendre" meters to redline. Maybe if you reserved that particular title for any "worst of" posts you do.

  4. I'd pick "Dragon Out the Posts" or "Delving With the Dragon" -- or I suppose "The Dragon Flagon" works well with the overall theme of the blog too.

  5. I would just call it "diggin' up bones"

    And then have a pic of a dracolich or something.


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