Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giving Groo a New Look

My first issue of Groo was the second issue published by Pacific Comics back in the early days of Indie Comics (early 80s). I'm not sure if I made the connection to Mad Magazine, but Sergio's art is fairly distinctive. It was a sword bearing fantasy comic, and I wanted it. Of course, it was also at the same newsstand that would sell a 16 year old porno mags, and I wasn't quite sure I wouldn't flag as under age if I bought a High Society with a Groo. Separate trips on separate days solved that issue ;)

Anyhow, Groo was the one comic I stuck with even when I wasn't collecting comics. It was funny, fantasy, filled with hidden treasures in Sergio's artwork... it was a pleasure to read and collect. Somehow, I packed it all away. Now, I am unpacking it again.

Having reread the first 4 issues, I do have a question. I remember Groo having an INT score somewhere south of being feebleminded. In the early issues, he actually looks like he lacks wisdom more then intelligence. Did he get dumbed down as the series progressed, or has my memory dumbed him down?

In any case, 28 years later, its just as funny as when i first read them. Just like OD&D, AD&D, T&T and the like, it stands the test of time


  1. I got to meet Sergio at ComicCon in 2000. He is as awesome as his comics.

  2. I loved Groo. Although he never really became popular in Germany he was as popular in our AD&D group as the inevitable Monty Python.

    I met Sergio Aragones as well, at a Gen Con during the nineties.

    He drew a sketch of Groo that we were allowed to put on the "official" coffee mugs of our convention, "Hannover spielt".
    (We founded a tradition that was copied by quite a lot of cons in Germany: buy the official convention mug and get unlimited refills of coffee or tea for the whole event.)

    Groo graced the fifth mug we did. One or two years later we had Kovalic's Pokethulhu on it.


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